I have been practicing yoga for approximately 7 years, initially with a wonderful teacher, Peter Hunter, from Coventry. I came across yoga begrudgingly after my doctor advised a give it ago in order to help with my heightened levels of anxiety. It was a revelation, I was neither particularly flexible nor attracted to yoga previously.

After the first session I was hooked, sounds like a cliche but its true. I started to be able to focus my mind a little more readily, found I could calm my incessecant internal chatter by concentrating on the breath and to my delight I started to feel the physical benefits, finding it easier to move, the tension in my body started to dissipate and I started sleeping like a log.

With a desire to learn more, I ventured to a few different classes and found they all offered something different. With Pete’s, encouragement I decided to further increase my knowledge and began a foundation course with the British Wheel of Yoga. I was not discouraged and there began my journey along the teacher-training path.

It has been a wonderful experience to date and I have faced my fair share of difficulties not least with the idea of standing in front of people. But having completed my course and continuing to teach and learn, I grow and learn from my practice every day. I became a teacher primarily to see if I could offer to others a little of what I have received through the practice of Yoga, this is my continued wish.

More recently, I heard of Thai Massage and deided to book a 2 hour session with Kathryn from the Central school of massage in order to see if it could help release some issues i’d been experiencing with my lower back and glutes. Not only did it alleviate some of the tension for me I felt so incredibly relaxed both during the massage and in the ensuing days. I joined an introduction to massage day with a freind and have continued to learn this wonderful practice that seems to complement my yoga.